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URBANA Home & Life

URBANA is the one stop shop to make your home new age and urban. With designs from futuristic high gloss furniture to European inspired designs, URBANA is an array of different styles that can cater to any taste.

We aim to bring Jaipur a type of furniture that doesn’t just look good, but also enhances the quality of your life with a great style that never dates and gets better with age

URBANA is the first showroom in Jaipur to specialize in high-gloss furniture. Our bright hues, playful tones and European designs make URBANA a lifestyle worth embracing.

We at URBANA consider ourselves Jaipur’s new premier showroom that appeals to the elight. We opened the doors to this venture in December, 2011 on Jacob Road, Civil Lines and since then have been awe-ing customers with our impeccable collection.

The services we offer at URBANA is assistance in beautifying your space. With our team and designing skills, we can help you recreate and redefine your style.

Although we are a Jaipur based company, we hope the word spreads outside of Jaipur about our specialization. In this effort we hope to promote URBANA as a new lifestyle rather than just a furniture outlet.

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Urbana Home And Life